About The Flinns

            Marty C. Flinn is a native Southern Californian with a BA degree in Political Science and Speech Communications from California State University , Long Beach .  Credentialed as a high school teacher and administrator, Marty also has over thirty years experience as a business executive with an emphasis in advertising and marketing.  He has created hundreds of print and radio ads as well as volumes of advertising and marketing copy.   Martyís leisure activities include sailing, hiking, fishing, photography, and woodworking with his wife, Jennifer, now in Central California.

        Jennifer B. Flinn is also a native Southern Californian and received her bachelorís degree from California State University, Long Beach.  She has created and written extensive marketing copy and edited technical manuals.   When Jennifer is not flying a private plane or piloting a research submarine, she resides with her husband, Marty, now in Central California, sharing his love of boating, fishing, hiking, and woodworking.


      On May 17, 2010 we shocked our friends, family, and ourselves.  We quit our jobs, sold our boat, listed our home for sale, and moved to Central California to work in the healthcare field.  Jennifer's twin sister, Dr. Donna L. Walker, a respected oncologist, was opening a new cancer center in North Santa Barbara County and asked us to join in her new adventure.  We run the business end of this growing practice.  We had longed for years to do something more meaningful with our work lives.  This is it! y 17, 2010 we s

       For more information of this new endeavor please click on this link:  cked our friends, family, and ourselves.  We quit our jobs, listed our house for sale, and moved to Central California to begin new lives working in the health care field.


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