Operation Alchemy plunges the reader into today’s headlines.  Terrorist mayhem and American heroism abound.  Pride in our military, promise in our government, and the bravery of resourceful men and women will keep the reader spell-bound to the last page.  Operation Alchemy blends terrorism, military action, espionage, courage, valor and adventure. 

        While investigating an oil spill from a Kuwaiti tanker, two United States Coast Guard divers die from a neurotoxin, thus beginning a web of mystery and terrorism involving a royal family and a most unusual American husband and wife.  At over three times the speed of sound, the reader is launched to the edge of space, then plunged into the dangers of Iran, where a terrorist chemical weapons factory must be eliminated.

        Thousands of lives and the honor of nations are at stake as our husband and wife team battles time to neutralize a toxin that threatens the population at home and abroad.


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