SHUTDOWN is a freefall into the mind of a young man so warped by his childhood that his only goal is to shutdown our free and open society.  He wreaks havoc and death with his schemes, taunts the Department of Homeland Security, and raises anarchy to new, creative levels.

        With Homeland Security, FBI, and local police deep into the case, the only law enforcement officer able to plug into this madman is a rookie local police detective, Jordan Bell.  Her past calling as a novitiate nun along with her police training and street smarts gets under the skin and into the bent psyche of this urban terrorist.  He will only communicate with and through her, much to the disgust of her superiors and seasoned federal agents.          

        Can Jordan hold her superiors at bay while she jousts with the anarchist's affinity for biblical references?  Only she holds the key to unlock this twisted young man.


A work in progress and seeking representation