The Doubles


        In The Doubles, Will Lindgren has worked for U.S. Secret Service through three presidents.  He was fourth in line to head the Secret Service when a disaster occurred in January of 2013.  During the Presidentís inauguration speech, a terrorist bomb brought most of the Capitol building down on the assembled dignitaries.

         The following had been in attendance and were crushed under the rubble:   the newly elected President and his family, the newly elected Vice President and his family, the previous President and Vice President, nearly all of the old cabinet secretaries, most of incoming and outgoing Congressmen and Senators, twenty-eight of the fifty state governors, as well as five of the nine Supreme Court Justices.

The FBI and CIA suffered badly after the dust had settled.  Ravaged by the public for failures to prevent or protect such an attack, the new leadership of these high profile agencies vowed that this must not ever happen again. 

From his first day on the job as Director of the Secret Service, Will Lindgren vowed to himself that he would prepare the nation just in case it did.

  A work in progress and seeking representation