One of our joys in life is woodworking

Furniture building is a passion

 Table 1         Table 2

We built our dining room table of Koa wood from the island of Hawaii, and Macassar ebony from India.  The design is original and hints at the Japanese school of furniture design.  The top Koa planks are book-matched.  The joinery on the base is mortise and tenon, pegged with walnut dowels.

              Chair 1                                   Chair 3/4 view

The chairs are reproductions of George Nakashima's famous Conoid Chair.  They are made from solid cherry with hickory and wenge back rungs. 

They are actually very ergonomic and comfortable.  What else would you put with our table?

Windowseat                       Entertainment Center

The windowseat and entertainment center are rendered in red oak.  The smoked glass doors were custom fabricated and hung with pop-out magnetic keepers.


Building our office desk was our first project together.  The shape is a trapezoid, with the front edge over nine feet long. 

It is made with planks of red oad and hard maple. 

The desk is fixed to the odd shaped wall with no legs.  It is never as clean and uncluttered as you see here!

Artsy and fun projects feed our creative side

Captain CadenBoat 2Caden Craft

Building this rocking boat for our grandson, Caden, was our most complicated project.  The hull is 2-ply bent luan mahogany.  The deck, thwart, sole, and transom are mahogany-stained maple.  The gunwales and helm are natural maple.  The rockers are mahogany-stained poplar.  The Caden Craft was custom cut to match the old Chris Craft logo font. 

Doesn't Captain Caden look sharp?

Brians Board

This surboard wall art for son Brian is made of real mahogany, Koa, and Macassar ebony woods. 

The water effect is curly maple colored with a custom blue-green pigment.  The image is custom cut mirror applique.  The board is four feel long.


A R Flyer

                              Flyer front                        Flyer rear


We built this rocker car for grand daughter Ainsley.  The rockers are poplar. 

The wheels are walnut topped with Mercedes medalion hubcaps.  The body is pine. 

The hood and trunk are two layers of 1/8" luan mahogany plywood, kerf cut to enable the bends.

The steering wheel is solid mahagany.  The dashboard is pink dyed birds eye maple.


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