Our Boating

    We sail where ever and when ever we get the chance.  We have sailed up and down the West coast of the U.S., in Hawaii, and the Chesapeake Bay out of Annapolis, MD.

    Our first boat was a 1959 Thistle #781.  A 17' sloop rigged wooden hulled boat with wood spars and foils, we lovingly restored "Green Eyes" to pristine condition.  This class of boat is very athletic to sail competitively.  We wanted something easier on Marty's old bones and with less maintenance.  Green Eyes moved on to a new family in Salt Lake City.  We cried when she left.


"Green Eyes" Thistle pictures


    In 2005, we purchased a 2006 brand new 17'2" Nomad, made by Vanguard Boats in Rhode Island.  All fiberglass with aluminum spars, she requires virtually no maintenance.  Nearly 50 years of sailing technology evolution separates the two boats.  She is wide-beamed with generous seating, deck room, storage, and features a retractable bowsprit to facilitate flying an asymmetrical spinnaker sail. 

We named her "MarJen Of Air".  We sailed regularly on Lake Mission Viejo and out of Dana Point, CA.



"MarJen Of Air" Nomad pictures


          Jen at the helm of 24' rental boat out of Dana Point                                                                  Marty's turn to Captain


Both of us on Mom and Dad's new Wave Runner at Galesville Res., OR. 

This was just before Mom and Dad took her out for a spin at over 40 mph.  They are in their 70's and 80's!


        Jenn at the tiller on a rental boat in Newport Harbor                                                    Marty rafting on the Upper Umpqua River, OR

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